1.  Dinner Rolls – White or Wheat   &  Artisan Breads: Sourdough, Roasted Garlic, Cranberry Walnut, 3-Cheese Asiago

       $3.50/dozen or $2.00/half-dozen             (prices vary by type)


2.  Cheesy Bubble Breads or Buns  -  Asiago or Spicy Cheese

          *Buns (2 bubbles) – $2.50 ea

          *8x8 square pan (9 bubbles) - $9.50

          *9x13 pan (15 bubbles) - $15


3.  Muffins ($2.75 ea)    and    Sweet Breads – Large ($12) or Mini ($5)

            Baker’s Flavor Suggestions:

                 *Pumpkin (plain, pecan, cream, walnut, chocolate chip, pecan crunch)

                 *Apple (crumb, caramel, pecan crunch) or Cranberry Apple

                 *Cinnamon Swirl

                 *Cranberry or Cranberry Walnut

                 *Berry (Blueberry, Raspberry, Triple Berry, etc)

                 *bitty bud Banana (plain, walnut, chocolate chip)


4.  Cinnamon Rolls                                         Mini - $1.25 ea or Mega - $2.75 ea 

      buttercream or maple buttercream frosted


5.  Cookies (minis - $6/doz)               and       Dessert Bars  ($12/20-piece box)

            Baker’s Flavor Suggestions:                        *Pecan Pie

                 *Sugar                                                     *Chocolate Peanut Butter (GF)

                 *Chewy Molasses                                   *Toffee

                 *Snickerdoodle                                       *Lemon

                 *Monster (GF)                                         *Pumpkin w. cream cheese frosting (8x8 pan)


Plan ahead for easy & delicious Thanksgiving & Black Friday mornings…

pre-order your Scones, Turnovers, Muffins & Cinnamon Rolls NOW!!

WBB&C’s Christmas Menu Suggestions

Order EARLY – Order Often!!




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