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The Story of Windsor Breads Bakery & Coffeehouse

From its humble beginnings in the Ksobiech family's in-home kitchen, to its establishment in a beautifully renovated 100-year-old bank building in downtown Windsor; Windsor Breads Bakery & Coffeehouse (WBB&C) has always been about one thing...sharing love and a strong place in our community through the production of high-quality fresh-baked goods "like grandma used to make" (but maybe even better...just don't tell grandma!)


The vision that Keith & Cheryl Ksobiech crafted for "Windsor Breads"  in 2005 has been continued and developed by current owners, Julie & Anthony Schnell, when they purchased the business and renamed it "Windsor Breads Bakery & Coffeehouse" in the spring of 2012.  Anthony, Julie and their sons, Marcus & Peter, have proudly continued providing their customers with quality products and top-notch service. 


While thrilled to be able to continue baking scrumptious family recipes
(Chewy Molasses, Buttermilk Scones and the BEST Bran Muffin you'll ever try!), the Schnell family has been excited to tweak and add to WBB&C's offerings. These range from new baked goods & bevarages (Bitty Bud Banana Bread, Cheesy Bubble Bread, gluten-free Monster Cookies & Bro's Italian Sodas, etc.) to proudly partnering with local artists & companies to provide our customers with shopping options that support our local economy (Sassy Cow Creamery; Milwaukee-based Stone Creek Coffee Roasters; and local artisans who create hand-made soap, jewerly, greeting cards & fiber products).


Whether you're stopping in "on the fly" to pick up a mouthwatering scone, fresh cup of Stone Creek coffee or hand-crafted specialty drink, or have called ahead and are picking up a Specialty Order to share with co-workers, family or friends; our goal at WBB&C is HAPPINESS, plain and simple. Julie & Anthony have a passion for service and are grateful for the opportunity to serve their community with the high-quality baked goods and beverages that WBB&C has come to be known for through the years.


So next time you're looking for a little love & happiness for yourself or to share with others, let us at Windsor Breads Bakery & Coffeehouse assist in making that dream come true!


Anthony, Peter, Marcus, and Julie Schnell

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